Knightsbridge Golf School

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About Us

Knightsbridge is one of the most prestigious locations in Europe. It is home to the rich and famous, the socialites and the aristocrats and -- surprisingly enough -- to one of the most glamorous and successful golf schools in the world.

Located a mere Rory drive away from Harrods and a short chip from the Harvey Nichols handbag display, a converted squash court beneath a Georgian fa├žade may be the last place you would expect to see a golf lesson taking place. Yet, it is our belief that, since its conception in 1951, more lessons have been given at The Knightsbridge Golf School than anywhere else on earth.

The Knightsbridge Golf School is most probably the oldest golf school in Europe if not the entire world.

Since its inception tens of thousands of golfers from all over the world have passed through our doors and surprisingly, despite the advance of modern technology and interest in golf instruction, golfers of today are no better than their counterparts from the early 1950's!

Typically a golfer will hit three or four good shots followed by three or four bad shots and vice versa, and frustratingly not know what happens when they hit a good shot and not know what happens when they hit a bad shot and are totally and utterly confused.

In desperation they read golf magazines, search the internet for golf instruction videos and may even have the occasional lesson desperately searching for that one golden tip or magic cure that will elevate them from rabbit to tiger.

Sadly no such golden tip exists and the only way a golfer can gain a long term sustained improvement is by learning a structured modelled swing, one that can be learnt very easily in great detail, one piece at a time and one that quickly evolves into one beautiful free flowing movement.

Building swings like this has been the school's life's work and anyone regardless of age or ability can be taught the most simplest of movements that form a fundamentally sound, structured swing that is built to last a lifetime.

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