Knightsbridge Golf School

An end to trial and error golf

A Lesson at the School

When a pupil firsts visits the school we are ready for them before they even walk through the door.

9 out of 10 golfers make the same mistakes and we can assure you that this is an absolute fact. Every year, hundreds of new golfers take to the mat and it seems to us that the more books they've read, the more DVD's they've watched and the more lessons they've had the worse their swings are. In short, they are totally confused!

Once we have recorded a new pupil's swing we replay it and then take them through it in great detail, explaining how one poor position invariably leads to another in a series of catastrophic chain reactions.

Almost without exception a player will twist or roll the hands and wrists during the takeaway, which immediately destroys the crucial swing plane. From here it is all downhill. At the top of the backswing the club is hopelessly out of position and a good movement through impact and beyond is near impossible.

We then carefully reconstruct the swing, pushing and pulling the pupil through the entire sequence slowly and deliberately explaining each and every part. In effect the swing is built up frame-by-frame, just as it appears on a slow-motion video replay.

This is a concept the pupil can easily understand as they can see what is happening throughout the entire movement. By the end of the first lesson, the student has a complete understanding of where the club should be at each and every stage of the swing and has been given a time-test programme for immediate improvement.