Knightsbridge Golf School

An end to trial and error golf


Tariff Steve Gould / DJ Wilkinson Philip Talbot / Dave Lamplough
First Lesson £60.00 £55.00
10 Lesson Package £550.00 £500.00

A Lesson at the School

When a pupil firsts visits the school we are ready for them before they even walk through the door.

9 out of 10 golfers make the same mistakes and we can assure you that this is an absolute fact. Every year, hundreds of new golfers take to the mat and it seems to us that the more books they've read, the more DVD's they've watched and the more lessons they've had the worse their swings are. In short, they are totally confused!

Once we have recorded a new pupil's swing we replay it and then take them through it in great detail, explaining how one poor position invariably leads to another in a series of catastrophic chain reactions.

Almost without exception a player will twist or roll the hands and wrists during the takeaway, which immediately destroys the crucial swing plane. From here it is all downhill. At the top of the backswing the club is hopelessly out of position and a good movement through impact and beyond is near impossible.

We then carefully reconstruct the swing, pushing and pulling the pupil through the entire sequence slowly and deliberately explaining each and every part. In effect the swing is built up frame-by-frame, just as it appears on a slow-motion video replay.

This is a concept the pupil can easily understand as they can see what is happening throughout the entire movement. By the end of the first lesson, the student has a complete understanding of where the club should be at each and every stage of the swing and has been given a time-test programme for immediate improvement.

 The Coaches

DJ Wilkinson & Steve Gould

Both joined the school in the 1970's and have nearly a Century of golf teaching experience behind them. They have taught Ryder Cup players, European Tour players and worked with some of the finest players in the game including two - time U.S. Open Champion and three - time Solheim Cup Captain, Juli inkster and the legendary Severiano Ballesteros.

In 2005 their first book The Swing Factory appeared on The Sunday Times Best Sellers List. Three further best sellers followed. The Golf Delusion in 2009, and Golf's Golden Rule in 2012. In 2016, their fourth book Finishing School was named as golf instruction book of the year by Martin Hall on The Golf Channel in the USA.

In 2005 DJ and Steve worked on the Walt Disney film, The Greatest Game Ever Played and in 2012 helped Colin Firth prepare for his role as an ex golf pro in the film Arthur Newman.

Although they have worked with some of the world's elite the vast majority of their time has been spent helping beginners, recreational golfers and the perennial struggler.

Their system of coaching, An End To Trial And Error Golf is both simple and logical based on years of proven feedback and success. No gimmicks or shortcuts here simply methodology that works both long term and for all.

David Lamplough

David joined the coaching team at KGS in 2005. During this time to date he has given thousands of golf lessons to clients of all differing abilities and is a hugely popular member of the team.

Not only can David be found on a daily basis at the school he also enjoys taking players outside, when convenient to help the player improve their skills in a real golfing environment. He has also organised many successful coaching trips both abroad and in the UK.

A competent and stylish player he possesses excellent demonstration skills and particularly enjoys coaching the art of putting!. Early in his career David moved to Germany where he gained vast experience in helping golfers and golf clubs develop what was then basically a new sport. Whilst there he was nominated for Teacher of the Year in 2005!.

Career Highlights

2005 - Present. Teaching Professional, Knightsbridge Golf School

1996 - 2005. Head Golf Professional, Golf and Country Club, Velderhof, Germany

1995 - 1996. Head Golf Professional, Dillenburg Golf Club

1993-1995. Head Golf Professional, Golf Club Weissen See, Germany

1988 - 1993. Teaching Professional, Hotel Sonnenalp, Germany

1987 - 1988. Head Golf Professional Golf Club Dutetal, Germany

1986 -1987. Senior Assistant, The Berkshire Golf Club, Ascot, UK

1986. Fully Qualified PGA (Professional Golfers Association) 

1984 - 1986. Assistant Professional Scarborough North Cliff Golf Club

1982-1984. Assistant Professional, Whitby Golf Club

Philip Talbot

Philip joined the team in 2011 but was well acquainted with KGS having taken lessons from the school's founder Leslie King from as early as the late 1970's.

He competed successfully on different professional Tours, most notably the European Tour and Challenge Tours between 1992 - 1996. His career choice in golf was perhaps not surprising, as his Father had been a highly successful professional. It was during this time, that Philip's playing and coaching skills developed, learning from famous teaching names and competing alongside some of the world's best.

After finishing his playing career Philip joined the European Tour assisting in tournament administration and refereeing at many world class events such as The World Matchplay at Wentworth.

Philip then progressed his career by becoming Head Golf Professional at a prestigious London golf club, Royal Mid - Surrey followed by a stint abroad overseeing the golf operations at a resort complex (Palheiro Golf, Madeira Islands)  in Europe. Ultimately, coaching has always been what Philip enjoys the most, which led him to specialise in this field.

Career Highlights

2011 - Present. Teaching Professional, Knightsbridge Golf School

2008 - 2011. Teaching Professional, Kingswood Golf Club

2005 - 2008. Director of Golf, Palheiro Golf, Madeira Island, Portugal

1999 - 2005. Head Golf professional, Royal Mid - Surrey Golf Club, England

1996 - 1998. Tournament Administrator, European Tour

1992 - 1996. European Tour and Challenge Tour player

1987 - Fully qualified PGA Professional

PGA Specialist Professional

Media Experience.

On course summariser BBC Radio 5 live outside broadcast - The Open, 2002, several PGA Championships at Wentworth. Studio guest Sky Sports Golf, Walt Disney International, 1997

Professional Tournament Highlights

1995. 7th BMW International, Munich, 12th Austrian Open, European Tour

1994. UAP Open. Winner, Paris, France, tied 2nd Jezequel Open, tied 2nd Neuchatel Open, Challenge Tour

1993. Competed in Open Championship, Royal St. Georges

1985 - 1992. Competed in 35 events on Safari Tour, 34 cuts made

Amateur Tournament Highlights

Surrey Amateur Champion, 1984.  Reserve British Youths Team 1984