Knightsbridge Golf School

An end to trial and error golf


The school was founded by Leslie King, one of the first instructors to develop a system for teaching the golf swing. He never claimed to have invented a swing, but to have watched it and categorised it, pulling it apart to enable him to help his pupils build a swing that was as near perfect as possible.

He had devised his swing model from watching the great players of his day, building their swing fundamentals into a foolproof technique that could be learnt by all.

During the 1970s and 80s Mr. King passed his knowledge down to us, and over the past twenty five years we have developed his original technique into a modelled swing that can be taught to anyone, from the wonderfully talented to the woefully inept.

In the time we have been at the School, we have taught tens of thousands of golfers. Sadly, the swings that we see today are no better than those we saw when we starting teaching in the 1970's. How can this be, in an age where golf instruction is such a massive industry?

Golfers of all levels have greater access to more instructional information than ever before. Books, magazines, DVDs, online tuition, computer analysis and more bombard the desperate golfer in his search to find the key to this enthralling, if frustrating game. Yet all this information barely makes a difference.

We see the results every day of our working lives and experience has taught us overwhelmingly that almost every golfer naively believes that the next golden tip or magic clue will elevate them to a higher level.

Let's face it, it's what everyone hopes for, one quick fix and everything will fall into place. Unfortunately it's not as easy as that.

The Golf Delusion

The majority of golfers fail to realise that golf must be learnt in the same way that one would learn to speak a foreign language, play a musical instrument or fly an aeroplane. The reason for this is that it is possible for anyone to hit a good golf shot purely by accident.

Take a bucket of balls, swing the club back and through and even the most un-coordinated would make good contact with a few balls, watching them fly long and straight. This gives the golfer the impression that a few tips here and there will smooth out the rough edges and they will soon be playing good consistent golf, forgetting the fact that maybe only five or six shots from a bucket of balls have been purely struck.

Learning a good golf swing is no different to learning anything of value. It must be learnt under controlled circumstances, slowly, one step at a time and in great detail.

Most golfers don't think this way because of the accidental good shot. For example, you would not be capable of conversing in fluent Cantonese one minute and be unable to utter a single word seconds later; play a musical solo, then moments later not hit a single note; fly the Atlantic, then lack the ability to get the aircraft airborne again.

However, this is very much the case in golf. A booming accurate drive can be followed by a huge shank into the woods, a fluff, a top or even an air shot, and often is! The purpose of the Knightsbride Golf School methodology is to teach you a structured modelled swing; to teach you where to be at each and every stage of your swing and to blend the swing's structure into one beautiful, free -- flowing movement.

It offers the only guaranteed solution to the 'trial and error' golf played by 90% of golfers. Building swings this way has been our life's work, and if you study this book in great detail we are convinced that it can do the same for you.

It is important to remember that these teachings are not theoretical. They have been proven in well over half a million teaching sessions and will build a sound, solid swing that will last for life.