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Practice Membership ( UNLIMITED PRACTICE )

Practice with a Purpose at Knightsbridge Golf School.

Here at Knightsbridge Golf School we believe that every practice shot in every practice session should be struck with a purpose to it.

To help further progress the golf of our practice members we are proud to introduce the E6 golf software from Truegolf, the world's No.1 selling golf simulation company.

With our ethos of Learn, Practice and Play in mind E6 provides all the necessary tools to enhance the quality and feed back of your practice session.Please come in for a free trial of our E6 simulators please call 0207 235 2468.

The all new E6 Connect

Jordan Spieth plays E6 Golf Simulator by Trugolf

Trugolf E6 Video

Practice Key Features

a. Driving Range

Hit your shots on a range and get accurate feed back on areas such as swing path, club face angle, swing speed, launch angle, carry and total distances and spin rates. Used correctly this info will help you understand your ball flight tendencies and encourage easier correction.

b. Scoring Zone

With moveable target areas, distance control and club selection the user has total control on how they wish to conduct their practice time.

c. Chip And Putt

With E6 those countless little shot saving strokes around the green are catered for. With moveable pin and ball locations you will find your short game skills improving quickly and your real scores getting lower.

d. Golf Course Play

With a library of 90 to 100 golf courses to play you can see for real how your game is progressing by taking your practice to the course.You can play 18 holes in 50 minutes.

With E6 there really is something for everyone.

For further details contact the Knightsbridge Golf School direct on 0207 235 2468 where our staff will help you with your enquiry.

Membership Fees 

Individual 12 month membership £1,200.00
Couples 12 month membership £1,700.00

Membership Benefits 

* Up to 2 weeks in advance booking with online booking system ( members may reserve 2 x 60 mins plus 4 x 30 mins per week spread over 6 days Monday to Saturday ) For example Monday 60 min,Tuesday 60 min,Wednesday 30 min,Thursday 30 min,Friday 30 min and Saturday 30 min.Maximum one booking per day 24 hour cancellation policy applies.

Flexible usage,you may continue to use our simulators after your reserved time as long as a bay is free.

*Members can bring a guest free of charge to share a simulator

*Free use of premium brand golf equipment Callaway and XXIO 

*Premium golf balls Titleist/Trackman Pro V1 golf balls 

*State of the art indoor Huxley putting and chipping green

Use of teaching room bays when available 

Demo Golf Equipment

Practice members can use our demo golf equipment from companies Callaway and XXIO.

Truegolf E6 Course Videos

Trugolf E6 Course St Andrews

Trugolf E6 Course Wade Hampton

Trugolf E6 Course Tagharzout