Knightsbridge Golf School

An end to trial and error golf


Some messages of thanks we have received over the years.

Leslie King's teachings helped me win three consecutive U.S. Amateur Championships. In later years I continued flying over to London especially for lessons with Steve and Dave. I went on to win two U.S. Opens and have been elected to golf's Hall of Fame. I will always be grateful to the teachings of Leslie King.

Juli Inkster (2015 Victorious Solheim Cup Captain)

If I'd known four years ago, when I first started to play golf, what I have recently learnt from the Knightsbridge Golf School - I would be off scratch leaping for joy.

The easy to use, easy to follow techniques I've been taught makes the fundamentals of golf easy to understand and control.

Since meeting the guys at the school I now turn up on the first tee confident that I will play to my handicap or better. My golf has improved dramatically using this simple yet effective method.

In golf we are all looking for the secret of the swing, but believe me - there 'aint one. The lessons you get from the Knightsbridge Golf School are the closest you'll get to perfect!

Vernon Kay

Steve, I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you and Dave for all the help you've given my father and me. It is hard to say which of us came to you the worse golfer, but you have done the impossible and turned us from embarrassing into respectable.

We've both tried a number of other teachers over the years, but none have ever come close to acheiving what you have. Just like Mrs. Bansfield at my primary school, you can be strict, but it's for my own good, and the results have certainly been well worth it. (And you never hit me with a ruler - or at least only that once, and I deserved it)

So many, many thanks. As they say in America - you guys are the best.

Hugh Grant

I sent my mum to the Knightsbridge Golf School for a series of lessons that changed her life. I can't thank the school enough for helping her get so much enjoyment from the game she loves.

Richard Branson

When I first started playing golf I struggled along trying different tips and pieces of advice. one day keeping my head down, one day keeping my arm straight, etc, etc. to be honest I didn't really know which day it was! My golf was all trial and error and I was desperate for a solution. It was only after discovering the Knightsbridge Golf School that I found that golf could be learnt in a simple, logical fashion.

From day one it all began to make sense. I was shown a series of simple fundamental positions and was at last clear of where I should be at each and every stage of the swing.

The more I visited the school the more simple and natural it became. I was soon hitting accurate iron shots and had added great distance to my drive. I now play off a single figure handicap and thanks to the school have a complete undertanding of this great game that I am now addicted to!

Thanks guys, I could never have done it without you.

Gianfranco Zola